Monday, August 27, 2012

Free calls everyday to India...

Our longtime waited free call!

Just last week I have started writing the blog to share the techniques about free calls to overseas. 

To the special launch of our blog, I would like to share very good free call deal fro our Special readers !

Amazing Free call everyday to India...

Totally FREE calls about 500 minutes per day to India and 40 major countries.
A totally new, totally secure way to conference call people from your smartphone!
Absolutely Free ! you pay nothing to download it and get started with using it...

Special Features:
  • You can call any mobile number and Landline number to India and other countries. 
  • Up to 20 people able to participate in a call at one time. 
  • Call anyone on your contact list - they don't need the app to participate. 
  • No line charges, no service charges, no app charges, no charges, period! 
  • Internet required just to initiate call.
  • No more PINS or Dial In Numbers - Welcome to CrowdCall conferencing. 
  • Toll-free conferencing (up to 10 calls per day) with people in 40 countries.
  • - I found from their website , now the free calls is  upto 5calls per day (updated)
  • - If you have iPod,iPad,iPhone, Android then each device 5 calls (No worries!)
  • Secure and private, only those you invite will be able to join the call. 
  • Call anyone on your contact list - they don't need the app to participate. 
  • No line charges, no service charges, no app charges, no charges, period! 

How to Make Free Calls ?
  1. Download and install the CrowdCall App from your iPhone or Android phone. 
  2. Pick one or up to 5 friends and press the Call button. 
  3. After the few seconds, you will receive the call from Crowdcall. 
  4. Answer the call and Press "1" (only for the conference call but for the single user call no need for them to press1). 
  5. After a moment your friend also receive a call he also do the same , Get Connected and enjoying the talk for FREE !

Some Tips:

- Enter your number without country code (Location service will take the country code on its own) and make sure the location service is ON in your smart phone.

- If you missed to enter the number in the welcome screen, you can always change or re-enter Settings > Set Phone number).
- Save the destination number in phone book with full country code format (+9144xxxxxxxx).
- Click "+" button to select the destination contact from contact list (I found there is a bug in dial pad so always select from phone book).

Enjoy the free call and kindly provide your comments...

Visit our blog everyday... More interesting free call techniques on the way! 


  1. i have tried and verify useful for me.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Good. Enjoy free talking...Keep visit our blog for more call deals everyday!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I have tried and it's really working well.

    1. Yes. You can see our post about $10free credit frOm Rebtel

  4. Hi.

    Yes. You can call India for very good cheap price. I would recommend Rebtel using top blog banner (double your money banner on top) will give you 100% extra. If you buy $10 credit and free $10credit so u will get $20 and if u buy for $25 you will get $50. Call India at less than 1 cent (0.0008) 

    Very good thing in rebtel, they will give you local number for each and every your contact so u just call local number using landline or mobile then the call will redirect to India number.

    Really good clarity.. U can try on trial call too..