Thursday, August 30, 2012

Call India 1.5cents with Localphone

Localphone...Really a Local call cost phone!

Localphone is very reliable provider to call overseas for very cheap and quality calls, we can use localphone in our various devices (ie., Local Landline, Mobile, iPhone App, Android App, VOIP instrument, Softphone, etc.,) 

Once you have successfully registered, you can save all of your friends contact number in the phonebook, amazingly localphone assign local number for each contact in the can call using local number from your landline/mobile.

No hidden cost !

This is the provider you can recharge as low as $1. 

To call India at the special rate of 1.5cents per minute.

Call from any mobile or landline
  • Really cheap international call rates
  • Only pay for the calls you make
  • Great call quality
  • Get straight through with no PINs or re-dialing
Smartphone apps
  • Call and text from your iPhone or Android phone to over 250 countries at our low rates. Our apps dial local numbers to connect the calls internationally.
Call from your computer or VoIP device
  • Works anywhere in the world
  • Low cost calls using your broadband connection
  • Call other Internet Phone users for free
  • Option to call from your own device


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