Thursday, January 2, 2014

60 minutes free calls to 40 countries for 6months

Libon is a new VoIP client and it was developed by the one of Europe's largest mobile networks, Orange.

with the added twist of integrating those VoIP and messaging services together with your smartphone's dialler. Calls and texts between users are free, but you can contact outsiders with Libon Minutes or with your cellular plan all from the same interface. 

For the Limited time every month 60minutes free for 40 countries (Premium)

Available Platforms:

- Android APP (
- iPhone APP (
- Web Browser (

Here’s the story:

  • Full transcription of your voicemails with Libon turning your voicemails into text
  • Unlimited number of customized greetings: create special greetings for whomever you want! Save your holiday greeting so that you just have to turn it on and off in a few seconds
  • Great choice of fun or serious voices for your greetings. Greet your friends with a robotic or Teddy Bear voice!
  • Your voicemails sent by email as an MP3 file if you want to, quite handy when you forget your phone at home or have no battery left

Well, Libon just got better! Now enjoy the best of the Libon Visual Voicemail for FREE. Our pleasure.


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