Sunday, January 12, 2014

Now Grocery Shopping is very easy in Singapore!

Online grocery shopping means buying your groceries from the Internet instead of visiting a store. You fill out the orders on a website, pay online, and the items will be delivered to you.

- No Need Long queue for Taxi
- Save paying cab fare (Which is more expensive now a days!)
- Save Parking fees

Currently, online grocers like RedMart offers free delivery. For RedMart, this applies to orders of $49 (first time) and $75 (Subsequent purchase) or above (For anything less.

Price is more or less equal to NTUC.

Just click here and just try out once! 

Go to the Exclusive RedMart URL GET 10% Discount for your FIRST Order
gongxi2014 - 10% off 1st time time delivery above $45.


  1. Hey Nice and informative post !! Do you have any idea about their delivery services ?


    1. Hi. The delivery is very prompt and the same day delivery. you can use our special URL to get discount. Pls remember to enter the coupon code.