Thursday, September 6, 2012

$10 Free call credit from Rebtel

Exclusive offer for our blog visitors
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Click this link or below double your money Rebtel banner to get $10 bonus free call credit from Rebtel.

Rebtel has selected our blog based on high traffic and provide exclusive offer $10 free credit to our blog visitors on your first purchase with Rebtel.

I have been using Rebtel for past 1 year at my home landline, the quality of rebtel is awesome but I yet to try with iPhone and Android App... why not you try free call today and buy the credit if you are satisfied with the quality.

Rebtel will assign local number for each and every number on your contact list

- You can make a call from your landline / mobile
- Call from your iPhone, Android and PC/Laptop with an amazing Apps
- Great call quality with less cost

If you buy the credit for $10 you will get $20 credit! overall to Call India for 1200 minutes (20hrs) which is just less than 1 cents and call UAE @ 9.5 cents.

*Rebtel $10 free credit is valid only for your first purchase wth Rebtel.


  1. Nice offer.I bought the credit and this works and got $20 bucks

  2. $20 credited. good clarity.

  3. Thanks Freecall hut..I buy creditit saves me $10
    Please post more free stuff

  4. earlier I used Nymgo. Now I try rebtel call quality good, thanks for sharing

  5. Nice clarity from regular phone

  6. iam very impressed with the clarity