Saturday, December 15, 2012

Great 10 New Android Apps

Dear Android users, this is exclusive for you and there have been plenty of great new 10 android apps.

1. Google Drive
This is more than just drop box,  you can store upto more than 5GB of files for free and also you can edit the doc on the go.

2. Google Now
Any device running Android 4.1 or higher gets the next generation of Google search, known as Google Now.

3. 1Weather
The most beautiful weather app for Android, it gives you all the weather info with attractive UI design.

4.  Instagram
The Facebook-owned app lets you snap pics with a variety of filters, and quickly upload them to your favorite social networks

5. Solid Explorer Beta
Solid Explorer for Android file management. With multi-panel viewing, drag-and-drop, and support for rooted devices.

6. Flip Board
Flipboard presents news in an attractive and responsive magazine-style layout. You can link to your Google Reader account.

7.  On Live Desktop
OnLive Desktop gives your Android tablet a touch-friendly, cloud version of Microsoft Windows.

The free OnLive Desktop account offers basic Windows access, including Office and Adobe Reader. 

8. lets you collaborate with friends and strangers on a live setlist.

9. Wave Control
Control your phone with a wave of the hand. Wave Control lets you play or skip songs without touching your screen.

10. Pocket and Readability
Pocket, and Readability let you store news articles to read later. They're more than bookmark services


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