Friday, March 8, 2013

$0.25 per call to India From IndiaLD

In today’s VOIP world, there is so much competition in the market anyway this is good for consumers to keep in touch with the family at very low cost. Now a days no need to see the clock or timer when you talk to India. Now IndiaLD provide per call charge instead of minutes so you can talk about 60min per call for just $0.25 cents.

IndiaLD is introducing flat rate calling to all Indian mobiles*. Now instead of paying per minute, just pay $0.25 per call to India. Talk for up to an hour per call with no per minute fee!

Buy $5-$30 worth of prepaid calling credit on the Quarter Calls Plan and you can call any mobile in India for just $0.25 per call with no per minute charges. Talk for up to 60 minutes on a call. If you call goes over 60 minutes, you can keep talking but we'll charge you for a new call that can last for 60 minutes.

IndiaLD will charge you after your call has lasted over 30 seconds. That way you won't get charged for bad calls or when someone doesn't have time to talk.

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You can via local access numbers 

What is the right solution if I call short calls (ie., less than 15min per call)?

If you want to call per minute basis Rebtel is right choice because they are the one who provides 1200 minutes for just $10 with crystal clear quality.

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