Sunday, October 14, 2012

Media5-fone VOIP Softphone for iPhone and Android

The Media5-fone is not a telephony provider and they are providing SIP phone client.

The Media5-fone is a softphone application that runs on Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. It is a SIP Client (softphone) that enables users to make and receive VoIP calls. VoIP calls are calls established over a Wi-Fi or 3G connection using the IP technology of the Media5-fone.

Allowing VoIP over 3G – Important note
Some mobile network operators may prohibit or restrict VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) over their data network or impose additional fees and/or charges when using VoIP over their network. Please ask your mobile network operator before enabling the VoIP over 3G feature. Please contact the Media5-fone Technical Assistance Center for any concern related to the VoIP over 3G.

The table below highlights the feature differences between Media5-fone Free Edition and the Pro Edition.

List of Options
O1: G.729ab codec can be optionally purchased (both for Free and Pro Editions).
O2: Supplementary Telephony Services can be optionally purchased (Telephony Pack) (Free Edition only).
O3: Support of multiple SIP accounts and Ad-free application can be optionally purchased (Unlock) (Free Edition only).
O4: Support of SIP over TLS and SRTP w/SDES for secure VoIP Calls can be optionally purchased (Secure Comm. Pack) (Free Edition only).


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