Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rebtel drops the rate to few countries

Enjoy cheapest calls

Recently we have noticed that Rebtel has lowered the rates to three of the largest calling destinations. 

Bangladesh 3.0¢/min (old 3.5¢)
Ethiopia 19.9¢/min (old 20.9¢)
Cuba 74.9¢/min (old 79.9¢)

Try First 5 min FREE call.

If you buy the credit for $10 you will get $20 credit!  


  1. got $20 yet to try. thank you post more

  2. Thanks for Sharing.good clarity.. it works in UAE too.

  3. Nice website there. I like your name - we are Free Calls Hub :)

    Good to see more and more websites spreading awareness about VoIP.