Monday, October 22, 2012

Samsung Note 2 for $0 plus getaway some money...

Tips: Samsung Note 2 for $0 and also get away about $150 pocket money

Last week I have noticed very long queue in Plaza Singapura and orchard, later I found that this queue for Samsung Note 2 LTE version, my idea is no need to queue for the samsung Note 2 and still you can try to get it for $0.

Hello Singapore friends, are you going to signup or recontract your mobile line with the telco provider, please read this post to save lot of money.. Ok, if you are going to have new contract or recontract your mobile for the Samsung Note 2 LTE phone, for example the Telco provider SH offer you for $290 for $58 plan but i give you the tips to make it $0 and also get about $150 (overall save about $400)

Now a days iPhone5 is very popular demand and some of the good mobile shops buyback the iPhone 5 - 16gb for $1230* so you can use this demand as money making, so instead of buying Samsung note 2 from direct telco provider, just get the iPhone 5 16GB - $233* from SH then you all the way go to far east plaza whymobile or mobile square shop to sell your brand new iPhone 5 for $1230* and you can get cash too...

buy Samsung Note 2 mobile from them for $9xx* (LTE) with warranty or if you want you can you buy any phone..all your choice.

So end of the day you will get Samsung Note 2 for $0 and also you will get about $150 cash to your pocket..

Before you go to those shops you always make sure and check their website how much they can take your iPhone because now a days iPhone prices everyday changing like gold ..

When i check with the Shop, they also suggest you to open the box when you collect from telco provider because some time it may scratched or tend so before u leave from telco provider u check the handset.

Enjoy your savings and keep visit our blog for more tips and techniques..

*The price information which I mentioned in this post as of 22/10/2012 and based on their website.


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